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The domain

I’m a fan of the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, and took my domain name from the name of one of the beacon hills of Gondor:

Some miles to the east of the Firien Wood, there was a wide, shallow recess in the foothills of the White Mountains. Overlooking this region were two of the Beacon-hills of Gondor, Min-Rimmon to the east and Calenhad to the west. Calenhad was the sixth of the seven beacons, within sight of the last of the beacons on the Halifirien, above the borders of Rohan.

Tolkien never gives us the meaning of the name Calenhad directly, but it seems to come from Elvish root-words meaning something like ‘green mound’. The name may be connected with Calenardhon, the ancient Gondorian name for the land later known as Rohan, whose borders lay just a few miles from the feet of the hill.

from The Encyclopedia of Arda

The favicon


The favicon for this site is the calma, the Quenya word for “lamp” and the title of the Fëanorian Tengwa number three.

The design

The original template for the site was created by HTML5 Templates Dreamweaver (now a dead site), but has since been heavily customized.

The software

My principal web server runs Debian GNU/Linux and Apache. I use the hugo static site generator to build the website from its Markdown source that I keep in a git repo.