Hello, and, again, welcome to the Computer-Aided Personal Website of Mathias Gibbens. Residing in Albuquerque, NM, I am currently employed at Sandia National Laboratories as a R&D Senior Software Engineer. It’s a great place to work – a lot like grad school, but with better pay! You can find out more about my professional interests on the about page.

As a licensed Amateur Radio operator, I enjoy getting on my radio and communicating with people across the world, or across town using traditional voice and newer digital modes. I am also an active Volunteer Examiner and help give license examinations once a month. I have been serving as an officer for the Amateur Radio Caravan Club since November 2017, and Treasurer for the Duke City Hamfest since January 2019.

My other hobby is flying, usually T-41Cs from the Kirtland Flight Center. I hold a FAA Private Pilot certificate, and am slowly trying to visit all the airports in New Mexico.

Feel free to look around my site, and checkout my blog. I semi-regularly add new content and hope you’ll find it interesting and/or useful.

   "The intrepid Spaceman Spiff is stranded on a distant planet!
   ..our hero ruefully acknowledges that this happens fairly
   frequently.."              --- Calvin and Hobbes