Mercurial Server

I prefer using Mercurial for projects needing source code control. I have a public Mercurial server which is accessible at By default, the repositories listed are publicly viewable, but require authentication to actually commit code. If you'd like to submit some sort of a patch, or if I know you and you'd like your own repository on the server, shoot me an email. Active projects

Mellyrn Linux project
Currently all the RPM .spec files are stored in a repository to track changes. There are also a couple custom configuration files tracked as well.

Archived projects

I am no longer activly working on the following projects, but I have left them up since they might be interesting for people to look at.

CTCT Webservice Python Client Library
This is a Python library for Constant Contact's webservice API. The existing version was quite old and no longer supported by the original developers. I'm working on updating and cleaning up the code so it works with the latest version of the API.
FootPrints++ (link; README)
FootPrints++ is a Firefox extension I developed for Numara FootPrints while an undergrad at Bethel. Its purpose was to make FootPrints more useful by fixing some quirks and improving integration to Bethel's services.
SVENN is a Scandinavian-named BASIC-inspired set programming language developed for a class I took at Bethel. It's kind of fun to play with.